What we do?

Cleanergy brings specialisation in Carbon Footprint

For the environmentally conscious, achieving carbon neutrality can entail a lot of big changes in lifestyle, behaviour, purchase habits and consumption.

By avoiding plastics, recycling waste, consuming environmentally friendly goods and services, consuming power efficiently and reducing water consumption may help towards reducing one’s Carbon Footprint to some extent. However, it is very difficult to completely negate one’s Carbon Footprint. For instance, when it comes to our footprint resulting from power
consumption, actions to remove or reduce Carbon Footprint, such as shifting to renewable energy, are complicated, requiring more technical insight and would additionally require incurring heavy upfront costs, installation of heavy equipment, and maintaining them over extended periods of time.

That’s where Cleanergy steps in. We’re here to help you achieve your carbon neutrality goals in a meaningful and impactful way, through simple solutions, catered to businesses, individuals, events, and organisations.

Cleanergy supports and promotes carbon reduction and neutrality by promoting carbon offset programs and projects including through deployment of proceeds received from these initiatives.

What we do?

Cleanergy brings specialisation in Carbon Footprint management through:



Environmental impact assessment – Carbon Footprint Calculation through simplified calculators for individuals, events and small businesses, or through an audit process for companies and events where the data is more complicated or the scope of the evaluation, broader.



Reduction of environmental impact through supply-offtake arrangements of renewable energy generation, roof-top solar installations, energy efficiency projects, etc.



Neutralising or reducing the remaining Carbon Footprint through purchase of
Carbon Offsets or Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) depending upon the requirements of the clients.



Development of strategy and set of actions to help clients meet their carbon reduction objectives on an ongoing basis, based on continuous Carbon Footprint assessments, carefully identified carbon reduction targets, defined actions to achieve the goals set by the clients and monitoring.

Our team has worked with numerous organisations to develop sustainable solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. We work to ensure that our clients achieve value, at the same time, accelerating environmental performance. Our team has been involved in transacting over 1 Million RECs till date and are well versed with the latest developments in the sector.

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